About Truth Connect Tv

Welcome to TruthConnect TV, the Indigenous Media Network, where we are committed to resurrecting forgotten wisdom, reviving indigenous ways, and reclaiming ancient wonders. We stand as a beacon for those yearning to reconnect with the harmonious rhythms of life that have been disrupted by the veils of history’s secrecy. Our vision is a world where the echoes of harmonious living reverberate, restoring planetary balance and breathing new life into sacred landscapes.

Our Mission

Our mission at TruthConnect Web TV is to ignite a global flame of rediscovery, empowering you to embrace indigenous wisdom and safeguard nature’s sanctuaries. We are dedicated to Claiming the Indigenous Title of Sihela (Sinhala) and restoring Janbuddeepa/Paradis to its rightful geographical position as the cradle of humanity. Through meticulous restoration, we aim to guide our planet back to a golden era of interconnected spiritual harmony.

Our Journey

We are embarking on this journey with a clear plan to establish a web-based TV platform that transcends geographical boundaries and broadcasts in multiple languages. Our phased development strategy will expand our reach and deepen our impact, starting with broadcasts in English, Sinhala, Norwegian, and Hindi, and eventually including German, French, and Spanish.

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